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Triple Net Lease Real Estate Investments
A Strategy to Diversify Your Portfolio for Savvy & Sophisticated Investors
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Rite Aid Pharmacy, Vineland, New Jersey,

  • Rite Aid Pharmacy
  • -
  • Vineland, New Jersey

  • Sqft: 14500 Term: 20 yrs Structure: NNN NOI: $150.00
    Price: $1,935,484.00

    Tregate Manor Condominium (Ground Lease), Sarasota, Florida,

  • Tregate Manor Cond
  • -
  • Sarasota, Florida

  • Sqft: 87120 Term: 99 yrs Structure: NNN NOI: $8.00
    Price: $235,000.00

    Washington Open MRI, Washington , D.C.,

  • Washington Open MR
  • -
  • Washington , D.C.

  • Sqft: 1800 Term: 7 yrs Structure: NN NOI: $51,327.00
    Price: $760,400.00

    Synovis Bank, Tampa, Florida,

  • Synovis Bank
  • -
  • Tampa, Florida

  • Sqft: 3744 Term: 15 yrs Structure: NNN NOI: $301,529.00
    Price: $4,020,392.00

    CVS Pharmacy, Wildwood , Florida,

  • CVS Pharmacy
  • -
  • Wildwood , Florida

  • Sqft: 10908 Term: 20 yrs Structure: NN NOI: $181,013.00
    Price: $2,400,000.00

    Walgreens, Providence, Rhode Island,

  • Walgreens
  • -
  • Providence, Rhode Island

  • Sqft: 14080 Term: 0 yrs Structure: NNN NOI: $520,000.00
    Price: $7,150,000.00

    CVS Pharmacy, Deland, Florida,

  • CVS Pharmacy
  • -
  • Deland, Florida

  • Sqft: 11697 Term: 9 yrs Structure: NNN NOI: $252,633.00
    Price: $3,600,000.00

    Checkers, St Petersburg, Florida,

  • Checkers
  • -
  • St Petersburg, Florida

  • Sqft: 830 Term: 9 yrs Structure: NNN NOI: $79,200.00
    Price: $1,035,000.00

    Pet Supermarket - Humana, Springhill, Florida,

  • Pet Supermarket -
  • -
  • Springhill, Florida

  • Sqft: 9000 Term: 0 yrs Structure: NNN NOI: $131,985.00
    Price: $1,700,000.00

    Royal Farms, Smithfield , Virginia,

  • Royal Farms
  • -
  • Smithfield , Virginia

  • Sqft: 5600 Term: 20 yrs Structure: NNN NOI: $107,670.00
    Price: $1,656,500.00
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    A Strategy to Diversify Your Portfolio for Savvy & Sophisticated Investors

    Net Leased or Triple Net Investment Properties (NNN) are retail, including Banking free-standing, single tenant occupied properties which are leased by AAA+ Credit Rated Top Retailers like McDonalds, Wendy’s, Walgreen’s, Office Depot, Auto Zone, Best Buy, Burger King, I Hop, Applebee’s, Panera Bread, CVS Pharmacy, Starbucks, Banks etc. Typically these tenants have long term leases ranging from 5 to 30 years. In most cases these Top Retailers are responsible to pay all property expenses including repairs & maintenance, insurances, property taxes etc. These Investments produce CAP rates between 6% to 11% and IRR (internal rates of return) from 9% to 16%. These properties are generally selling between $1.0 to $7.0+ million and can be purchased in cash or financed with an equity down payment of 20-35% for US Investors and 40-50% for Foreign Nationals.

    US and International Investors are taking a second look at some of their long-held beliefs about investing. Our financial advisors wisely remind us that diversification is the key. During the recent US economic crisis, which is also now beginning to threat Europe and South America, the average investor lost nearly half of their portfolios' value primarily in equities and stock. One countermeasure is to have sufficient fixed income assets to dampen the risk factor of a portfolio too heavy in equities. Treasuries and AAA rated corporate bonds are part of the solution. Also within that solution is investing in Commercial Real Estate that is leased by AAA+ Credit Rated Top Retailers which is referred to as a “Net Leased Property” or Triple Net Investment Property (NNN).

    Morgan Whitney Net Lease is one of the most trusted single-source, full time providers for Triple-Net leased property investments. Our service extends far beyond simply delivering outstanding property from our unmatched nationwide inventory. We will educate and assist you through the entire buying process. We will be your guide and advocate in every aspect of your property acquisition, from selecting the ideal property to obtaining financing to leading your team of experts to closing. Morgan Whitney is there for you every step of the way!


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